The Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port Administrators (AAHPA) is a not for profit corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Alaska. Membership is open to ports, harbors, marinas and related maritime interests. The objectives of the association are to:

- Exchange information relative to construction, maintenance, operation, regulation, enforcement, administration and management of boats, marinas, ports and harbors.
- Formulate policies and plans to standardize and establish uniformity in operation and management of port, harbor and marina facilities.
- Promote and encourage development of ports, harbors and marinas along sound and economic lines and to assist whenever and wherever possible in the development of new ports, harbors and marinas.
- Keep all members informed, by newsletter, bulletins or the internet, of new developments or improvements in facilities of member ports, harbors and marinas.
- Keep in mind at all times that their basic purpose is to serve marine oriented interests, both commercial and noncommercial, and to keep each other informed through the Secretary of the Association of all information pertinent to this end.

AAHPA encourages you to participate in accomplishing these objectives. Submit photographs of your harbor or port, suggest a related link, post a policy or procedure to the website and consider membership in their Association.

Their association is comprised of managers from public harbor systems throughout Alaska , most of which are municipally owned and operated. They also have numerous corporate members from related harbor professions, including consultants, engineers, construction contractors, maritime attorneys, and equipment suppliers. If you are interested in what they have to offer, they encourage you to become a member of their Association and help them make Alaska ’s harbors the best they can be.

Alaska is blessed with one of the finest public harbors systems on the planet. Their magnificent coastline and bountiful marine resources make their harbors vitally important to Alaskans and their communities. Unlike the lower 48, most of their fleet is commercial in nature. The economic benefits generated from their public harbor systems are profound and, in some cases, are the primary economic drivers of an entire community. Many of their residents subsist from fish and game resources. Their harbors as the access point for these activities. The spirit of public access to their waterfront is engrained in their state constitution and a belief held strongly by every Alaskan.

The future of Alaska ’s public harbor system has never been brighter. This year, the Alaska Legislature passed landmark legislation setting up a state grant program that matches their community’s investments in harbor capital improvements. This new grant program will go a long way in recapitalizing harbor infrastructure throughout the state. The program’s effects will be felt for decades.

The quality of talent operating Alaska harbors has never been better. Visit any harbor facility in the state and you will I mean. Members of their Association are in the forefront of developing training programs for harbor professionals.

They also believe in having fun. Every year, they hold an annual conference at one of their member communities. This year’s conference is in Juneau from October 22 to 26. Though a chance to learn more about their profession, the conference is chance kick up your heels after the completion of the busy summer season. See you in Juneau .